Nissan NV400

Available at Fred Coupe Nissan

The Nissan NV400 will prove the backbone of any business, with its reliable design and comfortable performance making it a truly versatile commercial vehicle.

The bold exterior design is directly inherited from Nissan’s prestigious SUV heritage, visible in the angled strut grille that proudly shows the strength of this tough van. For every business requirement, there is a Nissan NV400 model to suit; there are 40 variants of the panel van, and 14 different chassis versions ready for conversion. You can even select a dropside, tipper or even a box freezer edition; the NV400 has an impressive working family.

The Nissan NV400 is the first rear-wheel drive available in the Nissan semi-forward cabin range, making it an innovative step forward in Nissan’s van development. The performance of engines has been closely scrutinised, with the 2.3 dCi engine bringing a new level of efficiency to the Nissan NV400. By targeting idle time and maximising the lifecycle of oil changes and cooling liquid, running costs are kept to a minimum.

Despite all this practicality, the Nissan NV400 doesn’t compromise on comfort. The NV400 has a high driving position, with a car-like steering wheel angle making longer hauls as comfortable as possible. The high position also aids visibility when manoeuvring, so it’s a simpler vehicle to handle in narrow streets.

If your business is looking for a serious commercial vehicle equipped to handle a wider variety of tasks than others in its class, the Nissan NV400 is the perfect choice.