Nissan NT400 CABSTAR

Available at Fred Coupe Nissan

When investing in a commercial vehicle, you want to know that every part of your vehicle has been designed with practicality in mind. The Nissan Cabstar is a solid and functional commercial vehicle, precisely developed for the rigours of commercial use.

The Nissan Cabstar really comes into its own when a compact vehicle that can cope with large payloads is required. Approximately 15% shorter than a traditional semi forward, the Nissan Cabstar is perfect for small sites or narrow streets, yet still has a large cargo capacity.

From its chassis through to its cabin, the Nissan Cabstar revolves around a solid and rugged design, with the cargo area having a maximum payload of 1,804kg which spreads the weight across a strong and robust frame. This is how, despite the large carrying capacity, the Cabstar is able to remain remarkably compact and deal with small and confined environments. With a tiny turning circle of 9.6m, it is exceptionally manoeuvrable and proves a flexible option for tricky cargo hauls in locations inaccessible to larger vehicles.

With its towing capability of 3.5t, and a high gross train weight, the Nissan Cabstar will always prove versatile and practical for any business, in any environment. For easy maintenance, it has a tilting cabin to make engine access easy, while its long service interval makes the Nissan Cabstar a cost-effective investment. There is no doubt that the Nissan Cabstar will be able to provide you with a flexible and functional option when it comes to investing in your commercial vehicle.

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