Plug-In Technology

Electric vehicles (EVs) are cars or vans that are powered entirely by an electric motor supplied by a large battery. Unlike hybrids or conventional vehicles, electric cars do not have an engine that runs on traditional fuel, such as diesel or petrol; they are “fuelled” by plugging-in and charging up.

Electric vehicles have proven their reliability over the last 30 years that they’ve been on UK roads. When buying your brand new electric vehicle from Fred Coupe Nissan, you will receive an 8 year warranty on your battery and a 3 year mechanical warranty to give you complete peace of mind. If you purchase a used electric vehicle you will receive a 1 year warranty with the opportunity to extend, and the battery will be covered by the balance of the original warranty from registration (up to 8 years, or 5 years if registered prior to 2015).

Other benefits of battery power

  • A quiet, smooth drive
  • Deals easily with stop-start city traffic
  • Zero CO2 exhaust emissions
  • Clean, green driving
  • Lower running costs (compared to conventional vehicles)

Nissan electric technology

The difference between plug-in electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid

The primary difference between a hybrid car and an electric car is that the hybrid car derives some of its power from a conventional mechanical engine. On the other hand, a true electric car gets all of its power from electrical sources, and thereby is a non-polluting zero-emission vehicle.

A regular hybrid has a combustion engine and an electric motor, the vehicle will use both in order to obtain greater fuel efficiency. The plug-in hybrid also takes advantage of having a traditional engine and an electric battery. However, the battery can be charged at a normal household power outlet.

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Nissan electric technology
Nissan electric technology
Nissan Electric technology