Is the future of driving already here?

Autonomous driving has been a topic of conversation for generations, being bought to life only through science fiction and Hollywood. But with Nissan's ProPilot technology, we may be taking a giant leap to making driverless cars available to the masses.

Nissan pride themselves on their Intelligent Mobility solutions, staying ahead of the competition by offering technology such as BOSE personal audio system, intelligent lane intervention and intelligent emergency braking with pedestrian recognition and blind spot warning, as standard on Tekna models and above (option available on Acenta). Nissan Intelligent Mobility aims to improve vehicle safety, driver convenience and all round connectivity. It even has financial benefits to the driver; the enhanced technology helps to prevent collisions, and with the new Micra being the first B segment car to have intelligent land intervention as standard, it is now available from insurance group 1.

Last year saw the introduction of the Nissan ProPilot semi-autonomous technology on the Nissan Leaf. 2018 sees this technology introduced to the Qashqai.

ProPilot technology takes Intelligent Cruise Control to the next level. Whilst you can still set the cruise on the vehicle and it will happily sit on the motorway at the selected speed, identifying vehicles in front and slowing down to meet the appropriate stopping distance (preset by the driver), the addition of ProPilot also offers lane assist, and stop/start in traffic.

Nissan is the first Japanese manufacturer to introduce a combination of steering, accelerator and braking that can be operated in full automatic mode, aiding drivers in heavy traffic and on long motorway journeys.

Using in-built technology, the ProPilot will pick up the vehicle in front of you, and use it to adapt your vehicle to its surroundings, including maintaining a safe onboard speed, manage your braking and acceleration, and stopping in heavy traffic. ProPILOT technology is extremely user-friendly, thanks to a switch on the steering wheel that allows the driver to easily activate and deactivate the system.

The ease of use of the system means that as the driver, you can find a more relaxing way of driving, conserving energy and feeling refreshed instead of fatigued when you arrive at your destination.

Features of ProPilot

  • Maintains vehicle-to-vehicle distance within a preset speed range
  • Keeps the car in the middle of the driving lane (At speeds under 50 mph, the system activates only when there is a car in front.)

1. Maintains speed

Automatic speed control at pre-set speed

2. Follows, Stop and Maintains Stop

Automatically controls the throttle and the brakes to maintain a safe distance from the car in front

Completely stops in traffic situations and continues to apply brakes until released by the simple push of a button

3. Steering control

Keeps the car in the middle of the driving lane on straight roads and even through corners. Applicable in slow moving traffic or on motorways.

For more information or to try ProPilot for yourself, contact our team at Fred Coupe Nissan, Preston on 01772 957 954 .