5 quick and easy checks keep your holiday stress free with Fred Coupe Nissan, Preston

The summer holiday season is here, and the sun is shining across the UK! With many of you taking your cars on days out, staycations, or venturing abroad, you don't want anything putting a dampener on your travel plans. Here is a quick checklist to help you plan your motoring adventures.

Check lights, oil and coolant levels, and if towing, check the lights on your trailer. 

5 minutes to perform these simple checks can save you a lot of hassle when you are away, and can take the enjoyment out of your trip. 

Oil prevents the engine from seizing up, coolant will protect it from extreme heat - especially if you are sat idling in traffic on the motorway, and you can face fines (abroad) if the lights are out on your vehicle.

Nissan Qashqai Rear Lamp from Fred Coupe Nissan, Preston

Check you have your car jack and locking wheel nut

These are essential if you should get a puncture and need to replace your wheel, as you won't able to change it without them! Also check you have your puncture repair kit or that your space wheel is in good condition, just in case of any unforeseen tyre emergencies. ​

Check your tyre tread

The simple way to check this is to insert a 20 pence piece and if the outside band of the coin is obscured, your tyres are within the legal limit. If however, you can see the band, then your tyres may be illegal and need to be checked by a professional as soon as possible. While your checking your tread, you may also want to check the tyre pressures on your vehicle.

Check legal requirements of the country you are visiting

If you are driving on foreign roads it is a good idea to check the legal requirements of the country/countries in which you will be driving. For example, in France it is a legal requirement for all driver to carry hi-vis vests, breathalysers x 2, warning triangles and a spare bulb kit.

French road sign

Check the Air conditioning

While is it not the end of the world if the aircon in your car is not working, it can make for a particularly uncomfortable journey for your and your passengers - especially if the weather is as hot as is it at the moment! The gas in the aircon system permeates over time and need to be refilled. If you require an aircon service, we at Fred Coupe Nissan, Preston, can do this for you, just call 01772 272200 or contact us.