Electric vehicles – Is the tide turning?

Written by Catherine Mould for Fred Coupe Nissan

August 2019

Electric vehicles have been talked about in the press for well over a decade, with views spanning from the positive impact on the environment, to the less positive “range anxiety” due to a low battery span and a poor national charging infrastructure. But with an increase in the number of charging points and a longer battery range, is driving electric becoming the more convenient way to travel?

When it comes to our busy lives, our demand for convenience gets stronger. We don’t want to have to stop what we ae doing to refuel our cars, we want our shopping delivered straight to our door, and the Internet provides an ever convenient way to interact with family and friends.

Range anxiety is a term that has been coined to describe how someone may feel as they are running out of charge on their vehicle when they do not know where the next charging point is. But range anxiety is not exclusive to electric vehicles. Personally range anxiety is something I suffer every week, playing fuel roulette when my range is approaching zero, just because of the pure hatred and inconvenience of going to a fuel station. Standing in the rain after being in a ten minute queue to get to the pump, getting diesel all over my hands and feet), and then facing a further queue in the shop to pay. I know this is not a rational hatred, but for me it is one of my greatest dislikes and life’s biggest inconveniences.

But with increasing range from vehicles such the new Nissan Leaf E+ Tekna, is the tide about to turn? The new Nissan Leaf gives a 239* mile range from full charge, with charge time from as little as 20 minutes (fast charge). Combine this with the increase in the number of charging points, both nationally and locally and the electric proposition holds even more appeal.

All of a sudden I can pop my car onto a charging point whilst I’m doing the weekly shop, or I plug it in overnight and voilà - a fully charged vehicle ready to go and I have saved the 15 minutes I would have needed to fuel up! On a long journey, I can plan my charge stop. I plug in and while the car is doing its thing, I grab a coffee, stretch my legs, answer some emails and add a new level of mindfulness to my day – much better than a trip to the fuel station!

On top of the added convenience of the increased range and fast charging times, the Nissan Leaf E+ Tekna comes with a host of intelligent technology to enhance the driver experience, including the Pro Pilot advanced driver assurance system, E-Pedal, all round monitor, heated seats and steering wheel, Nissan Safety Shield (include intelligent emergency braking, cruise control, lane intervention, high beam assist and lane departure warning), BOSEE premium audio system and 217ps 340Nm of torque.

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