Nissan reaches 20,000 Leaf sales, but is an electric vehicle right for you?

With the diesel car sales down 20% YOY, petrol car sales up 4.5% and electric vehicle sales up a whopping 43% YOY, it seems the environment is becoming a greater influence on the British car buying public.

This huge shift comes from an increasing selection of electric cars, the publics changing attitude and the ever improving network of charging points, but what do you need to consider when purchasing an electric vehicle?

What do you use your car for?

If you typically use you vehicle to drive local, small distance journeys, then an electric car could be ideal for you. They are economical, environmentally friendly and surprisingly nippy. Electric vehicle are currently exempt of road tax, and as long as your vehicle costs you less than £40,000 this will remain for the foreseeable future (as the vehicles have zero emissions). The Nissan Leaf does up to 155 miles per charge, which is equivalent to an estimated cost of 2p per mile.

Where will you charge your vehicle?

Ideally, you will have off road parking or a garage in order to have a charge point fitted at home, as it is not advised to have cables running across public walkways. But if on-street parking is your only option, all is not lost. The latest Government funding allows householders to apply for a public on-street charging point to be installed close to where they live. Interested homeowners should contact their local authority who can apply for funding on their behalf and manage the installation.

Charging points are readily available in many carparks, at most motorway services, and on- street in larger cities (sometimes with the added benefit of free parking!) In addition, there are increasing numbers of work places offering employees access to charging facilities.

Buying your vehicle – the Plug-in grant

The Government is offering a Plug-in Grant to support those purchasing electric cars and vans. The grant will be available until 2018 and offers up to £4,500 support on your new electric vehicle purchase (depending on the model). The dealership will complete the paper work on your behalf and the monies will be deducted from the car at point of purchase.

The electric driving experience

Driving an electric car can prove to be a peaceful experience - the lack of pistons and noisy combustion means electric cars ghost along very quietly. A surprising trait of the electric vehicle is the speed of acceleration, which can be very nippy indeed! A lack of noise and quick acceleration can take you by surprise at first, as you may not appreciate how quickly you're moving and that may catch you out from time to time, but this is something that you become used to very quickly.

All in all, the driver experience combined with economic transportation and manufacturer advances in electric vehicle technology, means that this mode of transport marks the future of driving. This month the Nissan Leaf hit the 20,000 sales mark – with 5,000 of these being sold in 2017 alone, making this the UK’s number one all electric vehicle. With free home charging points available on certain Leaf models, and installation admin being processed by the dealer, owning an electric vehicle has never been easier.

Whether you are thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle or just curious to find out more, our friendly team of electric vehicle experts would be glad to see you for a chat and a coffee. We have a huge range of new and used Nissan Leafs available. Please call 01772 272200 to arrange an appointment, or pop into out dealership at Fred Coupe Nissan, Chorley Road, Walton Le Dale, Preston, PR5 4JB.

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