Don’t get caught out in the cold this winter

As the leafs start to fall from the trees, and Santa is dusting off his sleigh, the inevitable speculation begins; ‘Will it be a bad winter this year?’ Whilst we cannot answer this, we can help you to prepare for all that weather has to throw at you. Use our quick checklist below to keep mobile this winter:

1) Set your alarm 5 minutes early - allow time to thoroughly de-ice your car. Always use de-icer, and never be tempted to tip hot water on the windscreen – the consequences could be quite literally shattering!

2) Stock up on screen wash – with the grit and salt on the road, along with water spray, the windscreen can get dirtier much faster than during the summer.

3) Keep your lights clean. Lights get dirty and become dull, wipe them clean to keep full visibility of the road.

4) Top up your engine coolant with anti-freeze. This should be a mix of 50% anti-freeze and 50% water to ensure your engine does not overheat as a result of the water freezing.

5) Check you tyres. The winter snow and ice makes stopping your vehicle more difficult. Ensure your tyres are over the legal limit (1.6mm). Better still, consider fitting winter tyres or all-weather tyres to improve grip over the winter months.

If you require more guidance on getting your car ready for winter, please give us a call at Fred Coupe Nissan on 01772 272 200, where our friendly team are on hand to assist with all your motoring needs.