Fred Coupe NIssan:

45 Years Strong as your local Nissan Dealer

As we approach our 45thanniversary of being a Nissan dealer, we thought we would have a brief look back at some of the key developments we have witnessed.

In 1974, we first partnered with what was then Datsun, just 6 years after Nissan had first entered the UK market with the brand. Datsun soon grew to be the largest non-British vehicle supplier in the UK, with affordable models such as Cherry and Sunny, which incorporated a number of new technology features, such as two-speed wipes, dual band radio and reclining seats.

In 1984 Nissan began to phase out Datsun in the UK, and launched its last new vehicle, the Micra, under the Datsun badge in 1983.

1986 saw the first Nissan Bluebird roll off the production line at Nissans’ Sunderland factory, making it the first ever wholly owned Japanese vehicle to be built in the UK.

During the 80’s, Nissan established a growing presence in the UK, helped by the now rebadged Nissan Micra hatchback.

The Micra was famed for its quirky design and surprisingly nippy performance on the road, and in 1998, Nissan’s Sunderland plant rolled out its millionth Micra.

In recent years attention has turned to the Nissan Qashqai, with 280,000 Qashqai's being produced in Sunderland in   2013 alone, contributing extensively to overall car manufacturing in the UK.

The Qashqai was the first of the Crossover series, which has seen the Nissan Juke and X-Trail take Nissan to the leading player in this segment.

2011 saw Nissan launch their first all-electric plug-in car, the Nissan Leaf,  in the UK leading the way for a new generation of power trains.

2018 has seen the first steps towards Nissan’s goal of launching their first fully autonomous car by 2020, with the launch of ProPilot technology, now available in the new Nissan Leaf and Qashqai. 

Nissan continue to lead the way in innovation, with the next five years' promising major developments in both electric and fully autonomous vehicles. As the brand goes from strength to strength, we, at Fred Coupe Nissan are proud to be one of their longest standing partners We are looking forward to another 45 years!